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ashton irwin makes my no no place say yes yes

You can spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you. You have to start by not rejecting yourself. You don’t deserve it.

—My Mad Fat Diary (via breakingshows)

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Anonymous asked: *he stops but doesn't pull out*

*kisses him* *after*

Anonymous asked: *brushes his lips over your ear* *whispers* then make me.

*grabs his wrist* stop.

Anonymous asked: *bites down on your neck gently* then take control. *curls his finger and hits your g spot*

*moans loudly* you have to stop then.

Anonymous asked: *tugs on your earlobe and starts pumping his finger* i know.

*moans* *whispers in his ear* then I have control. *kisses his neck*

Anonymous asked: *pushes his finger inside and kisses your neck* really?

*moans* I-I’m on top Ash.

Anonymous asked: *reaches down and starts rubbing your clit and teasing you entrace with his fingers* *says with a husky voice* you are so wet for me, baby girl.

*moans* A-Ashton. *grabs his hand* I’m on top. I’m in charge.

Anonymous asked: *smiles and pulls down your panties*

*kisses him*

Anonymous asked: *kisses you back*

*kisses him back*

Anonymous asked: I can try. *moans quietly*

*kisses him again*